International economic relations

Economic policy coordination and convergence examined by committee

EU Financial Affairs Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 9 December at 10.05am

G20 Summit statement: 17 November 2014

G20 Summit statement: 17 November 2014

Prime Minister made statement in the Commons

Cost effectiveness of economic and financial sanctions

Treasury Committee take evidence from Open Europe and academics

Eurozone's 'fundamental weaknesses' leave it wide open to crisis

EU Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs publish Euro area crisis report

Peers debate international trade

Role of international trade in increasing employment and economic growth in the spotlight

More international economic relations

Title Date
City organisations questioned on EU/US investment partnership 05.12.2013
Lords debates developments in the Commonwealth 08.03.2013
Urgent Question on economic policy and loss of UK's AAA credit rating 25.02.2013
Evidence on UK's relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain 29.01.2013
Lords debates UK’s global role, emerging powers and new markets 06.12.2012
Financial Services Bill Lords committee day six 09.10.2012