Lords private members' bills

29 January 2016

The House of Lords debated four private members' bills on Friday 29 January, covering airports, public advocacy, road traffic alcohol limits and the age of criminal responsibility.

A private member's bill is a type of public bill (that affects the public). Private members' bills must go through the same set of procedures as other public bills. These four private members' bills were first introduced in the House of Lords.

Airports Act 1986 (Amendment) Bill (committee stage)

This bill will amend the Airports Act 1986.

Find out more about the Airports Act 1986 (Amendment) Bill

Public Advocate Bill (second reading)

This bill will establish a public advocate to provide advice to representatives of deceased individuals after major incidents.

Find out more about the Public Advocate Bill

Road Traffic Act 1988 (Alcohol Limits) (Amendment) Bill (second reading)

This bill will amend the Road Traffic Act 1988 to lower the prescribed alcohol limit for driving or being in charge of a vehicle.

Find out more about the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Alcohol Limits) (Amendment) Bill

Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill (second reading)

This bill will raise the age of criminal responsibility.

Find out more about the Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill 

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