Parliamentary business

Commons Private Members’ Bills: 29 January 2016

MPs debated a number of Private Members’ Bills in the House of Commons on Friday 29 January 2016.

Private Members' Ballot Bills First Reading: 24 June 2015

Private Members' Ballot Bills presented in the Commons

Procedural arrangements for forming a Government after an election

PCRC to take evidence from House of Commons Clerks, Civil Servants and MP’s

MPs debate EU Justice and Home Affairs measures

Subject debated was chosen by the Opposition

Committee questions Chair of Lords Appointments Commission

Constitution Committee takes evidence at 10.30am on Wednesday 26 February

More parliamentary business

Title Date
Commons Private Members’ Bills: 17 January 2014 17.01.2014
Report on programming legislation published 06.12.2013
MPs debate remaining stages of High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill 01.11.2013
MPs debate zero hour contracts 16.10.2013
Have your say on the Draft Deregulation Bill 31.07.2013
MPs take further oral evidence from APPG stakeholders 09.07.2013