The Government's Legislative Programme:Written statement - HCWS5

Leader of the House
Made on: 28 May 2015
Made by: Chris Grayling (The Leader of the House of Commons)

The Government's Legislative Programme

Following yesterday’s State Opening of Parliament, and for the convenience of the House, I am listing the Bills which were announced yesterday:

Armed Forces Bill

Bank of England Governance Bill

Buses Bill

Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill

Childcare Bill

Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill

Education and Adoption Bill

Energy Bill

Enterprise Bill

European Union (Finance) Bill

European Union Referendum Bill

Extremism Bill

Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill

Housing Bill

Immigration Bill

Investigatory Powers Bill

National Insurance Contributions Bill

Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill

Police Reform and Criminal Justice Bill

Psychoactive Substances Bill

Public Services Ombudsman Bill (Draft)

Scotland Bill

Trade Unions Bill

Votes for Life Bill

Wales Bill

The High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill is also carried over from the last Parliament.

Detailed information about each of these Bills can be accessed from the No.10 website at:

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