Diversity Strategy 2015 – 2018

A new three-year strategy has been agreed to take forward the House’s work on diversity and inclusion. It focuses on six priority areas, aiming to build on what has been achieved to date.

The diversity strategy aligns to the Corporate Plan for the House to provide a ‘modern, efficient and responsive’ service for Members and the public by:

  1. Making the House of Commons more effective
  2. Making the House Service more efficient
  3. Ensuring that Members, staff and the public are well-informed
  4. Working at every level to earn respect for the House of Commons

The scheme has been endorsed by the House of Commons Commission and the Management Board, and is supported by the Trade Union Side. An accompanying action plan is being developed through the consultation process and links with current and planned work at corporate and departmental levels. It builds on many current initiatives, as well as introducing new ways to improve as an employer and service provider.

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