Oral Answers
Wednesday 14 May 2014

Prime Minister742
      Border Health Care740
      Budget (Businesses)733
      Cost of Living742
      Defence Operations740
      EU Membership734
      Farming Unions737
      HMRC (Welsh Language Services)741
      Transport Investment738

Written Statements
Wednesday 14 May 2014

      Defence Equipment and Support24WS
Leader of the House25WS
      Legislation (2013-14 Session)25WS

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Communities and Local Government11P
      On-shore Wind Farm Developments in Winterton, North Lincolnshire11P
      Proposed Closure of The Lilacs Care Home, North Lincolnshire12P

Written Answers
Wednesday 14 May 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills601W
      Conditions of Employment: Scotland602W
      Disabled Students' Allowances602W
      Hydraulic Equipment: Imports602W
      Manufacturing Industries: Females603W
      Vocational Guidance: Internet603W
Cabinet Office651W
      Digital Technology651W
      Electoral Register652W
      EU External Trade: USA653W
Communities and Local Government639W
      Affordable Housing: Greater London639W
      Allotments: Waiting Lists645W
      Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal646W
      Roads: Lighting650W
      Social Rented Housing: Repairs and Maintenance650W
      Written Questions: Government Responses651W
Culture, Media and Sport604W
      Electronic Publishing604W
      World War One: Anniversaries605W
      Armed Forces: Deployment605W
      Armed Forces: Disciplinary Proceedings607W
      Cluster Munitions608W
      Defence: Procurement609W
      Fuels: Gosport609W
      Industrial Health and Safety610W
      Information Officers611W
      Military Aid: Floods611W
      Public Expenditure613W
      RAF Kirton in Lindsey613W
      War Graves613W
Deputy Prime Minister585W
      Electoral Register585W
      Electoral Register: Armed Forces588W
      Local Enterprise Partnerships588W
      Children: Day Care630W
      Free Schools633W
      Free Schools: North Herefordshire634W
      Pre-school Education634W
      Schools: Land636W
      Sixth Form Education: Student Numbers637W
      Special Educational Needs637W
      Young People: Apprentices638W
      Young People: Unemployment638W
Electoral Commission Committee579W
      Electoral Register579W
      Electoral Registration Officers583W
      Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014585W
Energy and Climate Change591W
      Energy Company Obligation594W
      Energy: Prices595W
      Energy Supply594W
      Green Deal Scheme596W
      Nuclear Power Stations597W
      Renewable Energy597W
      Renewables Obligation598W
      Solar Power598W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs613W
      Floods: Insurance613W
      London Zoo614W
      Mangoes: India615W
      Melissococcus Plutonius615W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office674W
      Cayman Islands674W
      Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty675W
      Nuclear Weapons675W
      Ambulance Services: West Midlands655W
      Breast Cancer656W
      Breast Cancer: Lancashire657W
      Cancer: Drugs658W
      Chiropody: Diabetes659W
      College of Emergency Medicine661W
      Defibrillators: Hampshire662W
      Health Services: Fareham663W
      Health Services: Herefordshire664W
      Health Services: Recreation Spaces664W
      Injuries: Children665W
      James Cook University Hospital666W
      Liver Diseases666W
      Maternity Services667W
      Medical Records: Databases667W
      NHS: Finance668W
      NHS: Pensions668W
      NHS: Staff668W
      NHS: Translation Services669W
      Older People: Loneliness669W
      Permanent Injury Benefit669W
      Prescription Drugs670W
      Prescriptions: Fees and Charges670W
      Prisoners: Prescription Drugs671W
      Transvaginal Mesh Implants672W
Home Department620W
      Arrest Warrants620W
      Borders: Personal Records621W
      Compulsorily Detained Mental Patients621W
      Deportation: Offenders622W
      Domestic Violence622W
      Educational Testing Service623W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students623W
      Human Trafficking624W
      Human Trafficking: Victim Support Schemes624W
      Immigration: Appeals627W
      Immigration Controls: Commonwealth Games 2014627W
      Immigration Controls: ICT627W
      Marriage of Convenience628W
      Members: Correspondence629W
      National Security629W
      Police: Translation Services629W
      Proceeds of Crime629W
      Sequestration of Assets630W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee651W
International Development600W
      International Assistance600W
      Advisory Bodies682W
      Coroners: Legal Costs688W
      Courts: Translation Services688W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation688W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority731W
      Employment Tribunals Service689W
      Harassment: Northumberland690W
      High Down Prison691W
      Legal Profession693W
      Life Imprisonment693W
      Members: Correspondence694W
      Northumberland Prison694W
      Offenders: Foreign Nationals695W
      Personal Injury: Compensation696W
      Police Custody696W
      Prison Governors697W
      Prison Sentences698W
      Prison Service703W
      Prisoners: British Nationals Abroad708W
      Prisoners: Driving Instruction709W
      Prisoners' Home Leave708W
      Prisoners: Pay709W
      Prisoners: Radicalism709W
      Prisoners: Repatriation732W
      Prisoners: Self-harm709W
      Prisoners: Suicide710W
      Prisons: Crimes of Violence712W
      Prisons: Disciplinary Proceedings713W
      Prisons: Employment714W
      Prisons: Libraries714W
      Prisons: Mobile Phones722W
      Prisons: Private Sector723W
      Private Sector724W
      Public Defender Service724W
      Secure Colleges726W
      Sexual Assault Referral Centres726W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals726W
      Television: Licensing727W
      Thameside Prison728W
      Trade Unions729W
      Youth Custody729W
Northern Ireland589W
      Bus Services: Lancashire603W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties603W
      Child Benefit: EU Nationals676W
      Ministers' Private Offices677W
      Money Lenders678W
      Pensions: Teachers679W
      Premium Bonds: Scotland680W
      Private Finance Initiative680W
      Regeneration: Brent680W
      Tax Evasion681W
      VAT: Electronic Publishing681W
      Welfare Tax Credits682W
      EU Membership579W
      Trade: EU Countries579W
Women and Equalities588W
Work and Pensions616W
      Atos Healthcare616W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome616W
      Enterprise Allowance Scheme617W
      Housing Benefit: Social Rented Housing618W
      Jobcentre Plus618W
      National Insurance618W
      Personal Independence Payment619W
      Social Security Benefits619W
      Work Capability Assessment620W

Ministerial Corrections
Wednesday 14 May 2014

      Livestock: Diseases5MC