Home Builders Federation gives evidence on UK Housing Market

26 January 2016

The Economic Affairs Committee questions representatives of the Home Builders Federation and building firms McCarthy & Stone and Taylor Wimpey over concerns that land-banking by building firms is contributing to the UK's housing shortage.


Tuesday 26 January in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • John Stewart, Director of Economic Affairs, Home Builders Federation
  • Gary Day, Land and Planning Director, McCarthy & Stone
  • Jennie Daly, UK Planning Director, Taylor & Wimpey

The Committee queries the witnesses on evidence it has received suggesting building companies are building on less than 20% of the plots they own with planning permission. The evidence session forms part of the Committee's ongoing inquiry into the Economics of the UK Housing Market.

Areas the session covers include

  • Are housebuilders keeping land that they could otherwise be developing?
  • Are there changes to the planning system that would help improve build out rates?
  • Would a tax on undeveloped land that has received planning permission make building firms develop sites more quickly?
  • How can building firms help develop the supply of skilled workers in the construction industry?
  • Has the Help to Buy scheme increase the number of new homes being built?
  • How can the Government support the development of low cost private rental accommodation? Will it require public subsidy?

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