Government spending authorisation reviewed by Procedure Committee

21 January 2016

The Procedure Committee intends to review supply procedure, whereby the House authorises the Government to spend public money raised through taxation. The present procedures were highlighted during debates on the passage of the new English votes for English laws Standing Orders in July and October 2015.

Terms of reference

As its first inquiry in this field, the Committee will examine the House’s procedures for examining the Estimates, the formal requests for authorisation of expenditure made to the House by the Government, and passing the legislation which authorises this expenditure.

The Committee invites written submissions on the following:

  • The opportunities for Members to examine and debate Estimates, and the use made  of these opportunities
  • The documentation available to Members to inform their consideration of Estimates
  • The support provided by House departments for Members who wish to scrutinise Estimates and associated documents
  • The work of departmental select committees in examining departmental Estimates on behalf of the House
  • Rules and conventions governing the formal consideration of Estimates
  • The House’s formal procedures for approving Estimates and passing Supply and Appropriation Bills, and possible changes to those procedures
  • The timing of the House’s consideration of Estimates
  • The adequacy of present allocations of time for consideration of Estimate

Written submissions can be sent via the Scrutiny of the Government’s Supply Estimates inquiry page

Deadline for submissions

Submissions should arrive no later than Friday 25 March 2016

Further information

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