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POST provides balanced and accessible overviews of research from across the biological, physical and social sciences, and engineering and technology. We place the findings of this research in a policy context for Parliamentary use.

The best known format for these briefings are ‘POSTnotes’: four page summaries of public policy issues based on reviews of the research literature and interviews with stakeholders from across academia, industry, government and the third sector; they are peer reviewed by external experts. POSTnotes are often produced proactively, so that parliamentarians have advance knowledge of key issues before they reach the top of the political agenda.

POSTbriefs are reponsive policy briefings based on mini-literature reviews and peer review. They are available in electronic format only.

To receive POST's publications by email, please email, with 'JOIN' as the subject.

Lists of past longer reports and shorter POSTboxes are also available.

Science in the New Parliament

Science in the New Parliament

Shortly after each General Election, POST produces a special briefing highlighting some of the main science-based issues that the new Parliament is likely to encounter.

POST Annual Report 2014

The annual report highlights some of the work that POST has completed in 2013/14 and outlines plans for 2015.


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