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18.08.2015Cuba and the United States - how close can they get?
Since December 2014, when the Presidents of the US and Cuba announced the beginning of a rapprochement, there have been developments on both sides. The US has eased travel and commerce restrictions; in April the two leaders met in person and in May 2015 the US officially lifted its designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. In July both countries opened embassies in the other country. But much remains to be done before relations can be considered 'normal' and it is far from clear how close the two countries will get. This note looks at what has happened so far and obstacles to be overcome.
09.02.2015Cuba and the US - how close can they get?
The US and Cuba have annoucned a normalisation of relations, but how close can they get? Will the US lift the economic embargo against Cuba or return Guantanamo Bay? Neither of these is currently under discussion but the US has already agreed to a range of measures to benefit individual Cubans and Americans, and the establishment of diplomatic relations is on the agenda. High level talks began in January and will continue in the coming months.
10.04.2013Venezuela: the Chávez Legacy
This note looks at the politics and economics in Venezuela under President Hugo Chávez, his legacy and future prospects for Venezuela.
24.04.2012UK-Brazil trade statistics
This short note looks at the available UK/Brazil trade statistics
08.02.2012The Defence of the Falkland Islands
This note looks at the UK defence presence in the Falkland Islands and reviews the current debate about whether the Islands are adequately defended in the event of future aggression.
27.01.2012Argentina and the Falkland Islands
This Note looks at the last two governments in Argentina under Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who have pursued the Argentinean claim to sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.
30.04.2010Global Economic Crisis & developing countries
This note was last published on 26 August 2009 and will not be updated. In the early stages of the financial crisis there were hopes that it would be largely contained within developed economies, with developing economies having 'decoupled' from them. These early hopes proved unfounded, with developing countries struck by declining trade, a loss of investor confidence and withdrawal of investment, a fall in the value of vital remittances, and much reduced growth and contraction in some cases. There are also fears that aid flows may suffer in the aftermath of the crisis. This note summarises key reports and statistics, with links to further resources.
15.01.2010Sources of International Social Statistics
International sources of social statistics. By Kathryn Keith. SN/SG/3140.
13.03.2009Sexual and gender-based violence: global trends and perspectives
This Note is intended as an introduction to some key trends and perspectives on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) around the world.
14.12.1998Cuba and the Helms-Burton Act
Cuba and the Helms-Burton Act. House of Commons Library Research Paper 98/114.