Job Opportunities in the Parliamentary Archives

Vacancies that occur for paid professional posts are advertised in publications such as the newsletter of the Archives and Records Association (formerly the Society of Archivists) and specialist professional mailing lists.  They will also be advertised on the Parliament website.

Vacancies for other posts within the Parliamentary Archives and the House of Lords will be advertised on the Parliament website.


Work Placement Opportunities in the Parliamentary Archives

Every year we have opportunities for individuals to undertake a two week voluntary work placement. These placements are suitable for university students or graduates who are interested in a career in the archives profession and who want to learn more about the work of a repository, prior to applying for a post-graduate degree in Archives and Records Management. 

Activities undertaken during a placement will include routine cataloguing and data entry work, and then other tasks dependent on the activities taking place within the office. For example, recent placements have

  • back-marked tours
  • transcribed manuscript committee book indexes
  • quality assured digitised images
  • transcribed the names listed in Parliament’s war remembrance volumes
  • repackaged and labelled photographs of 1941 bomb damage to Parliament.

In addition to this, we organise chats with staff in our public services, records management, digital preservation, collection care and imaging areas to provide the volunteer with the opportunity to learn more about the diverse activities that can come under the umbrella of an archive. 

We can run about 6 or 7 placements a year so, if you are interested in undertaking a voluntary work placement, please contact the Parliamentary Archives, sending your CV and a covering letter to

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Last updated: December 2015