EU institutions

Statement on UK EU renegotiations: 3 February 2016

Statement made by the Prime Minister in the Commons

Specialists give evidence on Economic and Monetary Union

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 3 February at 10.15am

Urgent Question on UK's relationship with the EU: 2 February 2016

Question asked by Jeremy Corbyn in the Commons

Economic and Monetary Union inquiry continues in Brussels

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee visits Brussels on 26 and 27 January

Foreign Secretary gives evidence on Visions of EU reform

EU Select Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 26 January

More eu institutions

Title Date
European Commission questioned on agricultural resilience and Common Agricultural Policy 15.01.2016
French Senators give evidence on Visions of EU reform 15.01.2016
EU energy governance report published 18.12.2015
European Union Referendum Bill: Lords consideration 15.12.2015
Commission Work Programme 2016: EU Committee sets out views 09.12.2015
UK's participation in Prüm debate in the House of Lords 07.12.2015