Parliamentary News 2016

Statement on UK EU renegotiations: 3 February 2016

Statement made by the Prime Minister in the Commons

Have your say on the Enterprise Bill

Submit your views to the Public Bill Committee considering the Bill

Lord Speaker welcomes President Carter to Parliament

President Carter lecture on eradication of Guinea Worm disease

MPs debate tax avoidance and public finances in Scotland

Subjects for debate chosen by the Opposition

Prime Minister’s Questions: 3 February 2016

Watch today's PMQs live from the Commons from 12 noon

More parliamentary news 2016

Title Date
Urgent Question on the Zika virus: 2 February 2016 02.02.2016
Urgent Question on UK's relationship with the EU: 2 February 2016 02.02.2016
Have your say on the Bank of England and Financial Services Bill 02.02.2016
Enterprise Bill: Commons second reading 02.02.2016
Urgent Question on financial position of NHS Trusts: 1 February 2016 01.02.2016
Bank of England and Financial Services Bill: Commons second reading 01.02.2016