Select Committee Experience - Government and Politics

Select Committee Experience - Government and Politics

Through a tour and workshop, pupils get the opportunity to explore the role of Parliament's select committees.

About Select Committee Experience tour and workshop

Please note that this visit is available to UK schools only
The experience begins with a specially tailored tour of the Palace of Westminster. It focuses on the evolution, structure and function of the select committee system and includes a visit to a select committee room.

Building on the context set by the tour, pupils will explore their opinions about select committees using primary sources to prepare their arguments for a debate on the motion:

‘Select committees are an effective and efficient way of scrutinising the government’.

This session assumes some knowledge about the structure and function of Parliament.

Suggested topical reading

A recent article assessing the impact of parliamentary select committees in the House of Commons.

N.B.: Parliament is a working building and access to different parts of the Palace of Westminster, as part of your tour, will vary due to Parliamentary business. 

Your visit might include:

  • The House of Commons and/or House of Lords chamber
  • Central Lobby, at the very heart of the Parliamentary Estate
  • St. Stephen’s Hall, the home of the original House of Commons
  • Westminster Hall, the last remaining part of the original Palace

N.B.: For this programme, your school's constituency MP will be informed of your visit and they will be invited along. This is subject to the MP’s availability in Westminster at the time of your visit.

Visiting times and information

Open to: Government and Politics pupils aged 16-18

Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Dates: Friday 22 April, 29 April, 10 June, 17 June and 24 June 2016

Time: 12:30-14:45 (2 slots)

Places per session: 32 (to include pupils and adults). 

Due to the availability of this programme, we are limiting spaces to 32 (to include pupils and adults) per organisation. 

Please ensure that you have the minimum adult:pupil ratio of 1:15 for safe supervision around the estate.

Due to high demand for our programmes, we ask for a minimum group size of 5 pupils and no more than 2 accompanying adults.

However, we welcome pupils with SEN - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How to book

We are now booking for summer term 2016 (April and June) visits between Monday 25 January 2016 and Friday 12 February 2016, via this online booking form. 

Select Committee online booking form 

Places will be offered through a random ballot of all applicants. Applicants from organisations that have not benefitted from a place on the programme in the last three years will be processed first.

All applicants (successful or not) will be notified by Friday 26 February 2016.

Information to help you plan a safe visit

Information to help you plan a safe visit


pdf file - 193 KB

Map of the Parliamentary estate

Map of the Parliamentary estate


pdf file - 449 KB

Tours with workshop FAQs

Tours with workshop FAQs


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State schools planning to visit Parliament may be eligible to have their travel costs subsidised under this scheme.