The House of Commons chamber in pictures

The House of Commons chamber in pictures

A slideshow of images of the House of Commons chamber illustrating how the House of Commons works and its role in the UK’s democracy.  


These 11 images range from a historical picture of the remains of the House of Commons after it was hit by a bomb during World War II, right through to images of everyday activities such as debating and making laws.

Time required: 15 minutes

Learning outcomes

Students will be introduced to:


  • the work of the House of Commons, including making new laws and holding the government to account
  • the relevance of the House of Commons’ work to their lives
  • the important role that debating plays within the chamber
  • key terms including: political parties, ministers, shadow ministers, Prime Minister, backbenchers, Speaker
  • key figures in the House of Commons today: MPs such as David Cameron, Ed Miliband and John Bercow
  • what the chamber looked like at a key moment in history (after the Second World War) and today

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