Urgent Questions

Urgent Questions

If an urgent or important matter arises which an MP believes requires an immediate answer from a government minister, they may apply to ask an urgent question.

MPs may request that the Speaker considers their application for an Urgent Question each day. The deadlines for application to the Speaker's Office are as follows:

  • Monday - 11.30am
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - 10am
  • Thursday - 8.15am
  • Friday - 8.30am

If the Speaker agrees that the matter is urgent and important, and there is unlikely to be another way of raising it in the House, the question can be asked at the end of that day's question time (and may be repeated in the House of Lords).

Applications for urgent questions must be submitted to the Speaker to receive an oral answer on the same day. Relevant interests must also be declared. The relevant Government department will be asked to provide a background briefing on the issue for the Speaker.

Urgent questions are asked straight after question time on Monday to Thursday. If an urgent question is asked on a sitting Friday then the question will be asked at 11am.

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