Northern Ireland Assembly

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on the Northern Ireland Assembly. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

20.11.2015A Fresh Start: the Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan and the Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Bill 2015-16 [Bill 99]
The Northern Ireland (Welfare Reform) Bill is part of a process to stabilise the political institutions in Northern Ireland. It stems from a package agreed between the UK and Irish Governments and the largest Northern Ireland parties: the Fresh Start agreement. This paper gives a guide to the Bill, and to the agreement.
19.08.2015Northern Ireland: Stormont House Agreement and implementation
This briefing paper sets out the main provisions of the Stormont House Agreement and looks at progress with implementation. The way forward for welfare changes in Northern Ireland, which was a main driver for the talks leading to the Agreement, continues to be unresolved.
12.02.2015Devolution of corporation tax to Northern Ireland
On 7 January 2015 the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers, announced the introduction of legislation to enable the devolution of corporation tax in Northern Ireland in April 2017. A Bill was presented to the House the following day. This note discusses the development of the Government's policy and the wider debate over corporate tax competition.
30.10.2014CAP reform 2014-20: EU Agreement and Implementation in the UK and in Ireland (updated)
CAP reform 2014-2020 has been agreed and is now being implemented. This paper sets out stakeholder reaction and key implementation decisions for the four countries of the UK, and also of Ireland. It updates the November 2013 version which was prepared as government consultations on implementation were still on-going.
11.03.2014Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill: amendments
The Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill was amended at third reading in the Lords. This Note discusses the changes, which covered the size of the Assembly, the Civil Service Commissioners for Northern Ireland, and the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.
15.11.2013Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2013-14
The Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill was not amended in Committee. It returns for Report on 18 November 2013. The Government has tabled two amendments.
17.06.2013Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
This Bill was introduced to the Commons on 9 May 2013. This Paper provides background for the second reading debate on this Bill expected on 24 June 2013. The Bill creates a new method for appointing the Justice Minister in the Northern Ireland Executive, and allows for transparency in donations and loans to political parties, as well as ending dual mandates between the Assembly and the UK House of Commons. There are also some electoral administration reforms and miscellaneous changes to Northern Ireland law. Most of the provisions were subject to pre-legislative scrutiny by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee which published a report in March 2013.
13.03.2013Northern Ireland draft bill 2012-13
This Note sets out the main provisions of the Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) draft Bill published on 11 February 2013. The draft Bill is being given pre-legislative scrutiny by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, beginning on 25 February 2013. Their report is expected to be published by the end of this session.
02.01.2013Political Developments in Northern Ireland January 2012- December 2012
This Note details political developments in Northern Ireland in 2012. For developments prior to January 2012, see the Library's previous notes available from the Parliamentary website.
21.11.2012Political Developments in Northern Ireland January 2012- November 2012
This Note details political developments in Northern Ireland in 2012.

Early Day Motions

That this House notes the importance of the vital community service provided by post offices in Northern Ireland; and further notes that they hold communities together, allowing customers ...
That this House recognises the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Northern Ireland in 1921; recalls the sacrifice of so many who have given their lives to protect the people of Northern ...
That this House notes the decision by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to remove 316 million from the resources available to the Northern Ireland Executive by its decision to end access ...


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