This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on aviation and airports. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Commons Briefing Papers

12.01.2016Air passenger duty : recent debates & reform
This note looks at the recent debate on taxing aviation, in the context of concerns about the structure of air passenger duty, the rates of tax, and the Coalition Government's reform of the tax in the 2014 Budget. The development of APD since its introduction is set out in two other Library notes (SN413 & SN6426).
14.12.2015Heathrow Airport
This paper looks at how Heathrow currently operates and the debate about its future, including the recommendation of the Airports Commission that a new third runway should be built to the north west of the existing site, views on that recommendation and what is likely to happen next.
03.11.2015Transport in Wales
This note gives an overview of those transport areas that are reserved to the UK Parliament; those which are devolved to Wales and proposals in the Draft Wales Bill to devolve further powers.
11.09.2015Overview of military drones used by the UK Armed Forces
Remotely Piloted or Unmanned Aircraft, more commonly known as drones, have been described as the most contentious conventional weapons system currently in use. This note provides an overview of their use by the UK armed forces.
06.07.2015Air passenger compensation
This paper explains the compensation rights of airline passengers in the event of denied boarding, delay and cancellation; lost and damaged baggage; and death or bodily injury.
09.06.2015EU exit: impact in key UK policy areas
If the UK left the EU, would UK citizens benefit? This would depend on how the Government filled any policy gaps left by withdrawal. In some areas, the environment, for example, where the UK is bound by other international agreements, much of the content of EU law would probably remain. In others, the government might decide to retain the substance of EU law, or to remove EU obligations from UK statutes. Much would also depend on whether the UK sought to remain in the European Economic Area and therefore continue to have access to the single market, or preferred to go it alone and negotiate bilateral agreements with the EU. This paper looks at the current situation in a range of policy areas and considers how it might change be if the UK left the EU.
02.06.2015Transport: passenger rights, compensation and complaints
This briefing paper provides information on passenger rights, compensation and how to make a complaint across four forms of transport: rail, bus and coach, air and sea (ferries and cruise ships).
01.06.2015Transport in Scotland
This note gives an overview of those transport areas that are reserved to the UK Parliament; those which are devolved to Scotland and proposals in the Smith Commission and the subsequent Scotland Bill to devolve further powers.
14.05.2015Transport 2015
This paper provides an overview of the transport commitments given by the main political parties in the run up to the 2015 General Election; a broad summary of transport trends over the course of the 2010 Parliament; and looks at some of the possible transport 'hot spots' post-2015, specifically devolution; local bus services; cycling provision; rail franchising; and airport expansion.
10.03.2015Sources of Statistics: Transport
This introductory guide provides sources of statistics on transport.


05.06.2015Trends in Transport
Transport is a key driver of economic growth. It links people to their workplaces and connects businesses. It also affects health, the environment and societal wellbeing. This POSTnote looks at why transport is changing, outlines current trends across and within transport sectors and considers the planning of transport networks.
01.08.2007Transport biofuels, August 2007
Transport biofuels, August 2007. POSTnote 07/293.
01.11.2003The Environmental Costs of Aviation, November 2003
This briefing examines the basis for the Government's estimates of environmental costs of aviation and how these could be used in policy decisions related to airport expansion and environmental regulation.

Select Committee Reports

05.07.2011Air passenger duty: implications for Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]
09.03.2011United Kingdom opt-in to the Passenger Name Record directive.
European Union Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]
08.09.2010Delivering multi-role tanker capability.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
24.02.2010The future of aviation.
Government response. Transport Select Committee report [Commons]
02.12.2009The future of aviation.
Transport Select Committee report [Commons]

Early Day Motions

That this House recognises the considerable detrimental impact that the current level of airport duty is having on the UK airline industry, regional airports andbusiness and leisure ...
That this House expresses its condolences to the family of Mr Tadeusz Sawicz, one of the last surviving Polish pilots to take part in the Battle of Britain, who passed away on 19 October ...
That this House commends Leeds Bradford International Airport on its 80th anniversary; notes that the Yeadon Aerodrome was opened in 1931 and has been Yorkshire's biggest international ...
That this House calls on the UK Government to honour its earlier commitment to devolve the responsibility for Air Passenger Duty (APD) to the Scottish Government; believes that by having ...
That this House notes with concern the resignations of Mike Post, Cliff Pocock and Graham Tomlin as trustees of the Airways Pension Scheme (APS) established in 1948 to provide pensions ...


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