Hybrid Instruments Committee

Committee status: The Committee was reappointed on 8 June 2015 and decides whether an opposed hybrid instrument should have its merits inquired into by a Select Committee set up for that purpose.

The Draft Legislative Reform (Epping Forest) Order 2011, a hybrid instrument, had petitions presented against it and was considered by the Hybrid Instruments Committee on 23 May 2011.

The Committee's task was to consider the Order, the petitions presented against it and the written submissions made to it by the Government and the petitioners and to decide whether or not the petitioners had the right to be heard and whether a select committee should be appointed to consider whether the Order should go ahead.

The Committee decided that no select committee should be appointed to consider the Order (see the Hybrid Instrument Committee's First Report (Session 2010-12). The report is the end of both the Hybrid Instrument Committee's examination of the Order and the hybrid procedure itself.  See the panel on the right for what happens next.


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Wanstead Flats: What’s next?

Consideration of the Order by Parliament has now finished. The Order will come into force 14 days after it has been signed by a Home Office Minister. Contact the Home Office for further information.

14 July: The Order was formally approved by the House of Lords.

12 July: The Order was debated in a Grand Committee in the House of Lords (any member of the House of Lords may speak in a Grand Committee).

30 June: The Order was debated and approved by the House of Commons.

23 May: The Hybrid Instruments Committee met to consider the Order, the petitions and the written submissions.  Their decision has been published in the Committee's First Report (see links on the left of this page).

9 May: Many of the petitioners responded in writing to the Government's written submission by the stipulated date.

18 April: The Government made a written submission on the petitions against the Order.