Peerage Creations since 1997

Published Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This House of Lords Library Note provides details of appointments to the House of Lords since May 1997. It provides tables showing the numbers appointed under the Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, broken down by party affiliation at the time of appointment. It also includes a chronological list of all those appointed during this period. The information is correct as 30 March 2015, when the 2010 Parliament was dissolved.

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The aim is to provide a succinct account of the rate of appointments to the House of Lords during this period, and of the numbers of each of the political parties and Crossbenchers appointed. It does not look at the composition of the House and the balance between the parties at any particular point in time; that is, it does not consider those Members who were already in the House before May 1997 and continued to sit thereafter, and does not take account of absences or deaths among Peers appointed before or after May 1997.

More detailed analysis of peerage creations in the 50 years following the passage of the Life Peerages Act 1958 is provided in Peerage Creations 1958–2008 (LLN 2008/019).

Part 2 of this Note provides summary tables of appointments to the House of Lords under the Coalition government led by David Cameron and the previous Labour governments under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Part 3 of the Note illustrates changes in the rate of appointment of women to the House of Lords and former MPs and shows the proportions of appointments by party affiliation. Part 4 of the Note provides a chronological list of all peerage creations since Tony Blair became Prime Minister in May 1997. Part 5 lists those Peers nominated by the House of Lords Appointments Commission.


Lords Library notes LLN-2015-0010

Authors: Matthew Purvis; Richard Kelly

Topics: House of Lords, Members of the Lords, Political parties

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