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Published Friday, November 13, 2015

Ethnicity and religion: Social Indicators page providing summary statistics on the ethnic and religious composition of the population.

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In 2014, almost nine out of ten people in the the UK population were in the White ethnic group. The next largest ethnic group was the Asian or Asian British group (6.3%), followed by the Black or Black British group (2.9%).







In England, London had the largest proportion of people in non-White ethnic groups (39.8%) and the South West region the smallest proportion (4.7%).  Wales (4.1%), Scotland (4.2%), and Northern Ireland (1.8%) all had relatively few people in non-White ethnic groups.

Population of the UK by ethnic group and region







In 2014, 57.6% of the population of Great Britain described themselves as Christian, 32.8% said they had no religion, 5.1% were Muslims, and 1.5% were Hindus.

Population of Great Britain by religion, 2014

Commons Briefing papers SN02655

Author: Oliver Hawkins

Topics: Ethnic groups, Immigration, Population, Religion and faith communities

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