Migration Statistics

Published Thursday, December 3, 2015

A guide to understanding UK migration statistics, explaining the concepts and methods used in measuring migration and setting out a range of data on migration in the UK and in European Union countries.

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The number of people migrating to the UK has been greater than the number emigrating since 1994. For much of the twentieth century, the numbers migrating to and from the UK were roughly in balance, and from the 1960s to the early 1990s the number of emigrants was often greater than the number of immigrants. Over the last two decades, both immigration and emigration have increased to historically high levels, with immigration exceeding emigration by more than 100,000 in every year since 1998.

This note explains the concepts and methods used in measuring migration. It contains current and historical data on immigration, emigration and net migration in the UK. It sets out the most recent estimates of the UK’s foreign-national and foreign-born populations, and includes international comparisons of migration and migrant populations in European Union countries.

Commons Briefing papers SN06077

Author: Oliver Hawkins

Topics: Immigration, Population

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