Submit evidence to a committee inquiry

Submit evidence to a committee inquiry

Find out which committee inquiries you can take part in now and submit evidence.

Which inquiries can I take part in now?

Find out which committees are currently seeking your views on issues that concern you. You can submit evidence for the committee to consider when it produces a report on the issue.

How do I submit evidence to an inquiry?

Follow these guidelines for submitting evidence to Select Committees in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Connecting with Committees events

Connecting with Committees events include online debates and discussions around the UK on topics that select committees are currently considering. They are an opportunity to share your views.

Video: find out how to get involved with Parliament

Watch committees

Attend an evidence session

Committees, made up of MPs or Lords, examine issues in detail such as new legislation or topics like the economy. Watch democracy in action by attending a public committee session.

Parliament TV

Parliament's video and audio channel carries live and archived coverage of proceedings including PMQs, debates and committee meetings in both Houses.