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Serjeant at Arms Intranet site goes live

Last updated: 13 March 2003

Some time in the gestation, the Serjeant's website went live on 10 March; and very excellent it is, too.  Here's a message from the Serjeant at Arms himself:

From: Serjeant at Arms Notices
Sent: 10 March 2003 15:59
Subject: Serjeant at Arms' Intranet site


Here is the first phase of development of the Serjeant at Arms' Intranet site. More features will appear over the next few months, eg on-line meeting room booking, access to the Parliamentary Telephone Directory and on-line access to Help Desks.

We welcome your comments and ideas - there is a feedback option at the bottom right hand corner of each main page. Please use it.

This is the link to our new Intranet site and some guidance on how to use it is attached.

Michael Cummins
Serjeant at Arms

Click here for the guidance mentioned above.  

Want a preview?  It will help you interpret the guidance notes below.  Just look at all those enticing coloured buttons, each one leading to a sub-menu.  

Here’s a small sample of some of the topics covered under the coloured tabs:
Suspect Packages, Plans and Maps, Room Bookings, PDVN training, Office Keepers, 
        This Week’s News, Stationery, SAA leaflets, Security Information, Telecomms FAQs, 
        Central Tours Office and Information about Works of Art within the Palace.

Now you are ready to go and explore it!  But before you do, have a quick look at these guidance notes:

How to use the new SAA Intranet site

· To access the SAA Intranet site, open Internet Explorer and enter the URL  into the 'Address' text box.
· A splash page is initially displayed. After a couple of seconds you will be taken into the web site. You can speed this up this process slightly by clicking on the logo in the splash screen.

· To view the information available on the site, move your mouse over the coloured tabs along the top of the page.
· As you move over a tab, a drop down menu is displayed with relevant links to that tab. You can move your mouse down over these links. As you do, the link will be displayed with an underline.
· Some of the links appear with a '>' arrow. Moving your mouse over these will display a sub menu to the right of the link. You can move your mouse over these links too.
· Clicking on a link will take you to its relevant page.
· If at anytime your mouse pointer is no longer over the drop down menu or tab, the drop down will disappear.

· To search the site, use the 'Ask the Serjeant' box in the top right corner of the page.
· Select from the drop down, the category you wish to search in, or search all the categories by selecting 'In whole of site'. Enter your criteria into the 'Ask me' box and click on 'Search'.
· A list of relevant items will then be displayed. Clicking on one of these will take you to its page.

Information about the department
· To view the management team structure and further information about the department, click on the green logo in the top left corner of the page.
· Moving your mouse over the chart will reveal further branches of the organisation and information about those branches.

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