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Hotline telephone numbers for Members and their Staff.

List last revised: 29 August 2012.  Click here for details.

These hotline numbers are for the use of MPs, MEPs, MSPs, Welsh Assembly Members and their staff ONLY. DO NOT disclose these numbers to members of the public or to staff in other agencies or the facility may be withdrawn.

IMPORTANT: Are you using the correct hotlines list?  

Do you have the hotlines list bookmarked?  It has come to our attention that some people are using a bookmark which links to a very old (June 2010) version of the hotlines list.  That list is now very out-of-date.  The list is updated frequently, usually about once a week, so please make sure you are using the most recent version and update your bookmark if necessary.  It is better to view the list online rather than download it, then you can be sure you are always using the correct version. 

Our list of hotline numbers is located on the Parliamentary Intranet (not on W4MP website) where it can be seen only by people with a parliamentary email address. It is now listed as Hotlines for MPs under 'H' in the A-Z index on the intranet (click here).   Click here for a direct link to the list.

It is also linked from the Constituency casework webpage on the parliamentary intranet and if you haven't come across that very useful page do spend some time browsing through the excellent guides listed there. Here's the link.

To clarify: you need to be working on the Parliamentary Network now to make those intranet connections.

Don't forget to check out our own W4MP casework guides; they're here.

If you are an MEP, or his/her staff, and you do not have access to the UK Parliamentary Intranet, please use our Feedback Form to request a copy of the hotlines list, ensuring that you tell us who you work for.  The list is available to Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Members via their own Intranet.  If anyone has a contact for the European Parliament Intranet (do they have one?) please let us know, again using our Feedback Form.

Here's something which is available to everyone: CEO email addresses. See


29 August 2012

  • New email for Disability and Carers' Service

7 August 2012

  • New contact for Virgin Media

  • New contact details for E.ON

17 May 2012

  • Updated contact information for the Office of Fair Trading

16 April 2012

  • Updated contact details for the Royal Mail and The Post Office

10 April 2012

  • New contact details for BT - for Welsh Assembly Members only

22 March 2012

  • Updated email address for the Tribunal Service

21 March 2012

Contact information for:

  • Care Council for Wales

  • Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

  • General Chiropractic Council

  • General Dental Council

  • General Medical Council

  • General Optical Council

  • General Osteopathic Council

  • General Pharmaceutical Council

  • General Social Care Council

  • Health Professions Council

  • Manchester Airports Group

  • Northern Ireland Social Care Council

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council

  • Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland

  • Scottish Social Services Council

15 March 2012

  • Additional details for Sky TV

  • Correction of telephone number for TV Licensing

29 February 2012

  • Correction to Asylum & Immigration Tribunal public telephone number

  • Correction of Foreign & Commonweath Office email address

  • Removal of contact details for the International Organisation for Migration (voluntary returns advice is now given by Refugee Action

  • Correction to title for the Minister of State for Immigration, plus addition of new information

  • Update to information and details for UKBA North East, Humber & Yorkshire Account Managers

  • Update to information for UKBA North West Account Managers

  • Removal of information for Dallas Court

  • Update to information for UKBA Scotland and Northern Ireland Account Manager

  • Removal of obsolete information for Work Permits (UK)

  • Addition of details for Refugee Action

20 February 2012

  • Removed incorrect address for Department for Work & Pensions

  • Removed incorrect telephone number for UKBA Liverpool

13 February 2012

  • Removal of obsolete details for Scottish Gas

  • New email address for British Gas

3 February 2012

  • Updated details for Lloyds Banking

2 February 2012

  • Corrected the telephone number for Nest

20 December 2011

  • email address for the H S E removed as it no longer works

1 December 2011

  • Change of telephone number for Scottish - Southern Energy

  • Added notes to remit of the Pension, Disability and Carers Service

  • Removal of Health & Safety Executive Telephone Information Line

16 November 2011

  • Change of details for OFGEM

11 November 2011

  • Significant changes to CSA contact details

  • New contact details for Royal Mail Group

  • Removal of details for the now defunct Immigration Advisory Service

31 October 2011

  • Addition of details for Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  • Removal of incorrect email address for Identity and Passport Service

21 October 2011

  • Change of contact details for E.On.

18 October 2011

  • Addition of MP e-hotline for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

11 October 2011

  • New telephone numbers for Tax Credits and Child Benefit.  Please note that the old numbers will cease to operate within the next week or so.

  • New contact name and number for Lloyds Banking Group.

5 October 2011

Addition of correspondence address for income tax-related enquiries

13 September 2011

Change of details for Ofsted

5 September 2011

Addition of details for Barclays and Barclaycard

18 August 2011

New contact at CSA Midlands

21 July 2011

New telephone numbers for the Identity and Passport Service.

19 July 2011

New HMRC hotline number for PAYE and Self Assessment

6 July 2011

Added details of new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commissioner.

4 July 2011

Further updated details for CSA South East Business Unit

17 June 2011

Updated details for CSA South East Business Unit

10 June 2011

Rearranged UKBA contact information to help to make it clearer which contacts to use.

7 June 2011

Removed details for Wales Home Energy Efficiency Scheme and replaced them with details for Nest

26 May 2011

Added email address for DVLA

19 May 2011

Updated details for the International Pension Centre (formerly on our list as 'Medical Benefits Direct')

18 May 2011

Corrected email address for Tribunals Service

4 May 2011

Change of details for Lloyds Banking Group

12 April 2011

Updated Details for Royal Mail - added new contacts for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

8 April 2011

Updated name for contact at BSkyB

31 March 2011

Revised details for HMRC.  Please take note of these new details.  HMRC hotline staff can help only with the subjects specified.  Please do not ask them about other topics.

7 March 2011

Addition of email address for HMRC

3 March 2011

  • Addition of contact details for Royal Mail

22 February 2011

  • Additional of contact details for Lloyds Banking / Bank of Scotland

16 February 2011

  • Change of contact details for the DVLA

  • Change of contact details for HMRC

3 February 2011

  • Listed details of new CSA Managing Director

For changes to the list made before 31 December 2010 click here

The list is updated when there are changes and represents the latest information we have. If you spot any mistakes or know of any other useful hotline numbers please let us know, using the website's Feedback Form.

We have been asked by one or two agencies to encourage MPs, MEPs, AMs and their staff to be sure to use these hotline numbers and NOT the numbers available for the general public. Here's what they say:  "Some Members and their staff continue to use the public enquiry line which means we are not always able to give the prompt reply that both they and we would like to happen."

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