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Guide to working for an MP

This page last updated: 30 January 2012

Welcome to the W4MP/Dods Guide to Working for an MP


If you are new to the job you should have received, as part of your Members' Staff Induction Pack, information about the online version of this guide.   Click here to see the whole induction pack.

Copies of the original booklets are now very scarce but the online version contains all the same information and we will do our best
to keep this updated from time to time.

Just because it originated in 2010 doesn't mean it's out of date. 
You might have noticed that things move wonderfully slowly in this place!

There is also a snazzy ZMag version of the booklet here, too: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/0ce15b66.
This comes courtesy of Dods. It takes a moment to download
but you can then view it in full screen mode
and move your cursor over it to enlarge the print.

Good luck in your new job!   Now read on....


  1. Foreword by Mr Speaker - Rt Hon John Bercow MP

  2. Foreword by Robert Rogers, Clerk of the House of Commons

  3. Introduction and how to use this guide

  4. How to survive your first ten days - for Westminster-based staff

  5. How to survive your first ten days - for Constituency-based staff

  6. Freedom of Information and Data Protection guidance

  7. 10 things the Library can do for you

  8. A guide to doing casework in an MP's office

  9. A guide to doing research in an MP's office

  10. Staff Rights (Unite)

  11. Members and Peers Staff Association (MAPSA)

  12. Internships - guide for interns

  13. Internships - guide for managers

  14. Standard letters and forms

  15. Where angels fear to tread - Managing your MPís enthusiasm for the internet

  16. Parliamentary jargon and MP Translator

  17. Article on political blogs

  18. Maps of the parliamentary estate

  19. List of contributors to this booklet/website



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