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Updated: 31 July 2010
Added: 29 June 2010

Over the years we have offered a number of guides on various aspects of internships and these include views both from  interns and from those responsible for managing internships.

Internships remain controversial, not just at Westminster and in constituency offices but in a great many other settings as well. However, our line at W4MP has always been – and remains – that, as long as they are available, we will continue to publish advice on how to make them work best.

Here’s a full list of the guides on W4MP with the latest at the top.  We have shown the original publication date for each but most have been updated since then.

A guide to getting the best out of your internship May 2010

A guide to managing good internships May 2010

The Intern Manager’s Guide – from Internocracy November 2009

Internship Charter – code of practice from CIPD October 2009

Infiltrating Westminster – how to get a foot in the door August 2009

Making Parliamentary Internships Fairer September 2008

Neither here nor there – an intern’s Parliamentary Journey September 2008

Internships – all you need to know November 2003

The two at the top of the list are part of the W4MP/Dods booklet which we published in May 2010 for new staff after the General Election.  You can see the online version here:

We have also prepared some guidance for those, including MPs, who wish to advertise an internship on our Jobs pages. You can see it here:

Update 31 July 2010
ippr and campaign group Internocracy have published a report “on why interns need a fair wage spells out how employers almost certainly break the law with interns”. See this page of ours for links to the report and press comment:


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