Union membership for MPs’ Staff

Welcome to new staff

Now you’ve got a new job with an MP, you should think about joining a union. The Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch is part of the largest trade union in the UK, Unite, and is the only union recognised as representing MPs’ staff. They warmly invite you to join.

The more staff who join, the stronger a case they can put for improvements in pay and conditions. This is especially important under the new IPSA MPs’ Expenses Scheme, where staff pay and employment conditions have suffered a significant blow. The union is fighting to improve the terms for MPs’ staff under IPSA.

Union membership gives you the right to representation in times of trouble and legal advice through the union helpline on matters not related to work. They also hold social events to help you meet your colleagues at work. A third of their Parliamentary members are in constituency offices, so they are not just Westminster-centred.

Working for an MP is an exciting and rewarding job, but at some point you may face exactly the same difficulties as you would in any other workplace – a dispute over your job description, a grievance against your employer or simply the need to put a collective case for improvements in working conditions.  The Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch represents staff of MPs and MEPs, in Parliament and the constituency and has many trained shop stewards who will be more than willing to help, however small your problem may seem; our members’ well-being in the workplace is of the utmost importance to thebranch.

Where we fit in…

The Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch is based in Region 1 of the union (London and the South East) but includes staff from all over England, Scotland and Wales. It has members who work for MPs and MEPs of all the major political parties and most of the smaller ones.

The Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch is the only union recognised by the Parliamentary Labour Party and is regularly consulted by the Houses of Parliament authorities on issues affecting staff. We hope that if you have not already done so, you will join.