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A Working for an MP Guide
Pre-2014 Guides
First Published 7 May 2010 w4mp
Last Updated 30 January 2012 w4mp
Last Reviewed 1 January 2014 w4mp
Unamended version copied from old Guide

Here you will find guidesdocuments and other useful material.  We are continuing to stock our library and we welcome suggestions for new material. Some guides are written by us or other staff working for MPs and some originate from various House Departments or our good friends in the  House of Commons Library.

This index is to all guides brought over to the new w4mp site in 2013. They are being reviewed and added to the main Guides page as this is done.

Starting Out: Applications, Internships and Work Experience – getting a job

You and Your Job: The Facts  – crucial startup info

Parliament: Users’ Guide – the knowledge

In the Constituency 

Casework  – essential tools

Your Office – vital skills

You can also see the index of Standard Notes from the House of Commons Library

Starting Out: Applications, internships and work experience

You and Your Job: The Facts

Parliament: Users’ Guide

In the Constituency


Your Office

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