Help for helping your constituents – New guide for MPs and their staff from the Citizens Advice Bureau

Added: 13 September 2011

Here’s the latest updated guide from the CAB. 

Not seen it yet in the constituency office? OK, we know what happens; two nice clean copies go to the Westminster office and somehow never quite make it to those poor hard-working and unappreciated folk toiling out there in the constituency. 

Problem solved: just click on the link below and it’s yours!

Here’s a message from Citizens Advice’s
Press and Public Affairs team :

The second guide was launched at our annual Parliamentary reception in July at the House of Commons. It is divided into three sections, setting out:

  1. examples of where bureau and their local MP have worked together innovatively,
  2. advice for the MP on dealing with some of the problems that constituents may present at an advice surgery and how to make a referral to the bureau,
  3. and links of other organisations which could provide support.

Two hardcopies should have arrived in every English and Welsh MP’s office in July and an online version is available here  If you would like another copy, for Westminster or constituency, e-mail stating which MP you work for and preferably from a Parliamentary email address.



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