Jobs Paying Less than NMW

About a third of the posts advertised on W4MP are either paying less than National Minimum Wage or cover only expenses, travel, lunch costs, etc. While we are happy to accept such ads we are keen that applicants and those placing them are fully aware of National Minimum Wage legislation.

With this in mind all such ads will have the following two paragraphs automatically added by W4MP as part of the ‘Job Details’ section of the ad:

The role being advertised is a voluntary one. As such, there are no set hours and responsibilities and you should be free to come and go as you wish. If the post demands set hours and/or has a specific job description you may be deemed to be a ‘worker’ and be covered by National Minimum Wage legislation.
See for more information about National Minimum Wage.

In February 2015 the House of Commons Library revised their Standard Note ‘National Minimum Wage and Volunteers’. It can be seen at

To clarify: if you have ticked ‘No’ below the question ‘Does this job pay National Minimum Wage or more?’ your ad will automatically have the two paragraphs added.