Courses from Learning and Development

These courses are currently offered. For details of how to book and the current schedule see our main Training Page.

Immigration Law An intensive introduction to immigration law suitable for those who have just started looking at immigration cases and those with more experience. Will help you understand how the cases you see arise and how they might be resolved. Does not cover asylum.
Mental Health Awareness This interactive training provides delegates with an awareness of the early signs of distress and a range of mental health conditions.   We then look at an array of skills and tools that should manage or diffuse difficult and sensitive situations. The need for the human skills of empathy, compassion, and being non-judgmental is balanced with boundaries and sign posting, as well as the importance of managing one’s own stress.
Welfare Benefits




For Constituency staff dealing with casework issues around various benefits. This two day course will cover types of benefits, current and expected changes to the Benefit system, who can claim what and what to do when things go wrong. An overview of the key Welfare Benefits, Personal Independent Payments and Benefit Cap
Personal Independent Payments




For anyone working for a Member, in particular those dealing with constituency casework issues which involve issues of disability. Previous knowledge is a requirement for this course so either attendance of the 2-day Welfare Benefits course or previous experience of Disability Living Allowance is advisable. This course will include understanding the changes in the way this benefit is assessed, who can make a claim and levels of entitlement, and understanding how a PIP may impact on other awarded benefits.


Communications Trilogy 





Trilogy of mini workshops –

  • Confident Presenting: How to look, sound and feel more confident when presenting.
  • Managing First Impressions: Work out your personality type, ‘cold reading’ others, first impressions you create and managing perceptions.
  • Handling Difficult Conversations: How to respond not react to difficult characters and build personal resilience to support those challenging conversations.
Induction: House services Brief Induction Sessions on the House of Commons and services in the Palace of Westminster



2 hours

Who should attend this course

Members’ Staff

Course Overview and Content

This course informs Members and Members’ staff on the range of services provided by the Departments of the House of Commons Service.

The session includes speakers from across the House Service including:

  • The Office of the Chief Executive (covering the organisational structure and mangement of the House and its departments)
  • Department of Facilities
  • Parliamentary ICT
  • Learning and Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

In addition, an experienced colleague who works for a Member will discuss:

  • Services for the Public (Tours, making appointments with MPs for members of the public, dealing with telephone enquiries)
  • The Employee Assistance Programme
  • MAPSA/Unite/Working for an MP website (W4MP)
  • IPSA
  • The Registrar of Members’ staff interests


Tour of Services – Palace of Westminster  An Induction tour for new Members’ staff. Brief orientation of essential services, areas of interest, facilitating the understanding of access procedures and rules. The 1 hour tour will include key service areas (for example, Table Office, Vote Office, the Library, Catering Outlets.Duration 45 mins – 1 hour

Who should attend this course

New members’ staff and existing staff who wish to enrich their knowledge of essential services and House procedures.

Course Overview and Content

This course will provide a brief orientation of essential services and will highlight areas of interest that are relevant to Members staff. In addition, the tour will enhance the understanding of access procedures and rules.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be:

  • Familiar with facilities that are essential to your role, such as the services available at the Members Centre, and the location of the Table Office, Members Staff Verification Office and numerous Vote Offices.
  • Able to advise constituents of how to access the estate and where to meet.
  • Aware of the green permit system– when they are needed and how to book.
  • Familiar with the different tours available – Members, Elizabeth Tower and commercial.
  • Familiar with the facilities that will enhance the visit of constituents, such as how to pre-book/log out a wheelchair, T-loops, literature, shop and café.
  • Aware of additional services available to constituents, such as PMQ tickets.


Tours are led by Visitor Assistants, and run Monday (am) and on non-sitting Fridays. There are two tours per month, running on alternating days. Tours begin and end at the reception to Portcullis House. Tours are delivered to a small group of 10-15 people. Questions are encouraged, however time is limited. It is advisable that staff bring writing material to make brief notes.


Universal Credits By the end of the course you will be able to identify:Who can make a claim, The rules of entitlement, How to make a claim, Role of the Assessment period, Inclusion of housing costs in the claim, Calculation of the award Why and when sanctions, penalties and overpayments will be applied, Transitional protection

Benefit Cap.