16 - 22 November 2015

Democratic Engagement Resources: Be a Change-maker!

18 Nov 2015 – Cabinet Office
A group of young people at a RockEnrol event


Date: 19 November
Time: 13.30-15.30
Location: Houses of Parliament

The power of peer to peer engagement will be celebrated on 19 November, as young ambassadors who have inspired people to participate in the democratic process get their chance to tell the Minister for Constitutional Reform about their experiences.

John Penrose will hear about the success they’ve achieved and listen to suggestions they may have to encourage more young people to register to vote and make sure they have their say in the issues that affect them.

If you are a young person who is interested in encouraging your friends and family to register to vote then Cabinet Office’s Youth Democracy Pack, developed in partnership with SYP, will act as a great foundation for you to develop your ability to inform and influence.

Maybe you are a teacher who would like to their class to start thinking more about politics and the value of their voices being heard? Then look no further than our Rock Enrol! resource which has been recommended by teachers, pupils and organisations such as the Association of Citizenship Teaching (ACT).

It is important that people from across society are encouraged to engage in the democratic process. Groups that are less likely to be registered should not miss out on the chance to have their say. You can make a difference – have a browse of our collection of resources and see how you could help people you know or work with speak up.

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