Parliamentary Works of Art

January Artwork of the Month: King Edward the Confessor


Explore the watercolour drawing by Robert Anning Bell

November Artwork of the Month: Bust of Oliver Cromwell


Find out more about the 1647 ‘Putney Debates’ and why they are considered one of the central events in the development of our democracy

October Artwork of the Month: Imprisonment Medal awarded to Emmeline Pankhurst


On 8 October 1908, Emmeline Pankhurst was arrested for inciting a ‘rush’ on the House of Commons

2015 Election Artwork unveiled


'The Government Stable' by Adam Dant is the official artwork of the 2015 General Election

Open House 2015


Discover the Parliamentary Art Collection during Open House weekend

More parliamentary works of art

Title Date
September Artwork of the Month: ‘House of Commons, 1941’ by John Piper 26.08.2015
August Artwork of the Month: 'The Anti-Saccharrites' by James Gillray 06.08.2015
Emerging Conservators Training Scheme 03.08.2015
Churchill painting goes on display 28.07.2015
July Artwork of the Month 06.07.2015
New Video: 'Irene Ward MP (1895-1980) Doughty parliamentarian and campaigner' by Helen Langley 01.07.2015