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General carries live and archive coverage of all UK Parliament proceedings taking place in public, including debates and committee meetings of both Houses. The material is then available as on-demand archive going back to 4 December 2007. On some occasions this site will also include video coverage of special events that have taken place in Parliament.

The PRU (Parliamentary Recording Unit) administers this site and welcomes any comments you have about the service and suggestions for improvement. To contact us email

Two videos are available to explain the service. For an overview of the features of view the Overview video. For a more detailed explanation of how to link, share and embed view the Functionality video

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What can I view on?

This website is available to view on multiple devices – computer, mobile and tablet.

The browsers supported are the latest version and previous major version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

There is some variations in the way the site operates on different platforms. Here is a summary of expected behaviour of the players used for live and VOD for different operating systems and platforms.

Can’t find what I am looking for?

Having trouble trying to find what you want to watch? There are many ways you can locate what you are seeking such as searching by day or Event Title. If you fancy having a browse, you could try searching the Event Guide. If you know exactly which event you’re looking for, you can type an event name into the search box and select the date range.  .

How can I vary the picture quality?

If you are in a location with a poor internet connection you can lower the quality of picture that is displayed in the player. You will find this functionality on the player control bar.  The default setting is auto. The other options available are Low, Medium and High.

What do I get when I use the RSS Feed?

The last 25 live meetings are accessible via the RSS feed. For more information about RSS Feeds and available readers visit the RSS Feed information on the site.

Can I just listen to the event and not play the video?

Yes, you can use the audio only feature when you only want to listen to the event. The video will not be displayed. At any time while listening to the event it is possible to revert to watching the video at the same point.   

Why are some events only available in audio?

Not all locations in Parliament have the facilities for video recording and in some instances only an audio recording of the event is able to be produced.

I want to download a file to listen to?

This feature is available on the player. You can download an MP3 file from the website. This functionality is available when accessing the web site on a computer. It is not currently available for iPad and iPhone users and will not work on devices where file download functionality is not enabled. The recordings are for your personal use only should you wish to publish any recording, please refer to the UK Parliament Licensing Conditions. Video Download is not currently available.

How can I share the events on social media?

On the Player page select the Share functionality. There are four options available – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Once the option is selected the social media site’s own functionality will launch.

How can I embed the video or audio to play on my own site?

On the Player page select the Share functionality. You have the option to embed all of the content or select the start and end times.  By default the embed code will be generated for the entire event. Once parameters are completed, read and accept the terms and conditions and the embed code will automatically be generated for your selection. You can now use this code on your website.  The player will appear within an iFrame.

How can I share a link to events?

On the Player page select the Share functionality. Both a small url and a full URL are displayed. You have the option to select the start and end times and this will recreate the URLs to reflect the part of the event you wish to refer to. By default the URLs will be generated for the entire event. Copy and paste the URL to the location that you wish to use it. 

Use of Audio and Video Recordings

Please note that there are restrictions on commercial use and on editing both video and audio recordings. Please refer to licence terms for use for all UK Parliament recordings. 

Other Problems

If you are still having problems related to the audio and video, please contact us at