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DFID's programme in Nigeria

Inquiry status: open

Accepting written evidence, the deadline for submissions to this inquiry is Monday 1 February 2016.  

Scope of the inquiry

DFID’s Nigeria programme has been scaled up from £180 million in 2011/2012 to £244 million in 2015/16 in line with the UK Government’s previous commitment to spend 30% of ODA in fragile and conflict-affected states. A recent impact review conducted by ICAI criticised the rapid scale-up of spending on fragile states, highlighting the need for DFID to focus on “spending well (and not just more)”. This approach has been reaffirmed by the UK Government who committed, through the recent UK Aid Strategy, to spend 50% of DFID’s budget in fragile states.

This inquiry examines how DFID can work most effectively to reduce poverty and will also examine how effective DFID has been in improving the education systems in the country, education systems are failing to provide for the population with 34% of children currently out of school and reducing the disadvantages women and girls face in Nigeria. FGM and early and forced marriage are still practised across the country and women’s economic empowerment remains limited.     

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