Teacher development in your school

Parliament's Education Outreach team runs teacher development sessions in schools around the country to help you inspire and engage your students in their political literacy lessons.

Teacher development in your school

In-school CPD

  • Free of charge
  • Available for both primary and secondary teachers
  • Delivered across the UK within individual schools/colleges, clusters of schools or in partnership with the local authority
  • Focus on practical methods of active learning, participation and engagement
  • Linked to Citizenship / Modern Studies aspects of the curriculum
  • Can be tailored to suit your requirements
  • Full-day, half-day or twilight sessions available
  • Minimum of 10 teachers

Workshop options

  • Overview of Parliament - what your students need to know
  • The Language of Parliament and Democracy - how to help your students become more confident talking and writing about Parliament and Citizenship
  • Create the Debate - developing your students' debating skills
  • Elections and Voting - how to run a successful mock election
  • Active Citizenship - how to get your students involved
  • Parliamentary Process - the State Opening of Parliament, how a Bill becomes a law

Booking and availability

We are currently arranging available dates for 2016 - for more information or to make an enquiry, please e-mail teachertraining@parliament.uk .