Race Relations Act 1965 source pack

Race Relations Act 1965 source pack

Explore the UK's first Race Relations Act with this lesson plan and accompanying sources.  

pdf file - 1.78 MB

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Use this lesson plan and associated sources to support your students to develop historical research, analysis and presentation skills.

Students will answer key questions about the Race Relations Act 1965:

  • Why was it felt there was a need for a Race Relations Act?
  • Why were there differing arguments around the passing of the Act?
  • How did the intended impact of the Act compare with the impact in reality? 

Source pack can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Full transcripts of speeches can be found through Hansard.

Time required: 2 x 1 hour lessons (can be extended if required)

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Discover more about the first Race Relations Act and the history of race relations in the UK
  • Understand different contemporary arguments for and against the Race Relations Act 1965
  • Learn and try different methods of historical enquiry
  • Understand how different types of historical sources can be used to make historical claims
  • Pursue historically valid enquiries and create relevant, structured and evidentially supported accounts in response
  • Understand historical concepts such as continuity and change
  • Gain and deploy a historically grounded understanding of abstract terms


pdf file - 1.78 MB

Race Relations Act 1965 source pack

Race Relations Act 1965 source pack

Download lesson plan and sources to use in the classroom.

pdf file - 1.78 MB

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