War and Conflict timeline - Houses of History

War and Conflict timeline - Houses of History

This animated historical chronology helps students learn about war and conflict in the history of Parliament.


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The interactive timeline highlights 15 key historical events from the 1605 Gunpowder Plot to the rebuilding of the House of Commons chamber after the Second World War.

Time required: 30 minutes plus optional writing activity.

Students can:

  • Learn about historical events like the English Civil War, the rise of Oliver Cromwell, the Bill of Rights and the First World War
  • Watch five animations that bring to life past events like the gruesome execution of King Charles I or the bombing in the Second World War
  • Take a writing challenge. Be either a Cavalier (in favour of the King and monarch) or a Roundhead (supporting Parliament) and report on the beheading of King Charles I from your point of view

Learning outcomes

All students should:

  • Learn about the English Civil War, the trial of King Charles I, the rule of Oliver Cromwell and the restoration of the monarchy
  • Discover the context of the Gunpowder Plot and learn more about the events of 5 November 1605
  • Understand an historical chronology and, using this, learn about significant events in the history of war and conflict in the UK
  • Evaluate a range of historical sources through images, animations, articles and links to further information on recommended websites

All students could:

  • Develop their writing skills by creating their own project, adding images and quotations collected from the timeline
  • Read longer authoritative articles to understand and interpret war and conflict in UK history

Practical information

  • Houses of History requires Flash version 10 or later. You can download this free software and the latest version is: Flash plug-in (link opens in new window)
  • Access the Help screen by clicking the button marked '?' at the top right of the resource
  • The resource is best viewed with a fast internet connection due to the number of images and


Image credits

Image credits

Picture credits and copyright information for images in the war and conflict timeline.

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Writing challenge: war and conflict

Writing challenge: war and conflict

Challenge your students to write a report on the execution of King Charles I, favouring either the monarchist or parliamentarian position.

pdf file - 54 KB
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