Lords video series: Women in Democracy

26 November 2013

As part of its contribution to Parliament Week 2013, the House of Lords has produced a video series coinciding with the main theme of this year’s event, ‘Women in Democracy'.

View the House of Lords: Women in Democracy video series on our YouTube channel to hear a number of different perspectives on the representation of women in public life and the experience of working in the Lords. New videos will be added every day during Parliament Week, which runs from 15-21 November. The videos can also be viewed individually below.

Video one: The Clerk of the Parliaments, David Beamish, talks about the story of women in the House of Lords, from the long campaign for female members to the significant female firsts in the Lords.

Video two: Drawing on her own experience of working in international development, the Lord Speaker, Baroness D'Souza, talks about women's political engagement in the developing world. 

Video three: Baroness Neuberger (Crossbench), speaks about why diversity in politics is important and identifies two of her female political role models.

Video four: How can more young women be encouraged to become involved in politics? Baroness Parminter (Liberal Democrat), considers some of the obstacles and potential solutions.

Video five: Baroness Boothroyd (Crossbench), talks about the importance of female role models and her own political career - including her election as the first female speaker of the House of Commons.

Video six: The first Asian woman to join the House of Lords, Baroness Flather (Crossbench), talks about her first impressions of the Lords.

Video seven: Baroness Scott of Needham Market (Liberal Democrat), talks about the representation of women in Parliament and her work on the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Video eight: The Countess of Mar (Crossbench) discusses the advice she received when she first entered the Lords and talks about her campaigning work.

Video nine: Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho (Crossbench) talks about the importance of digital skills and the opportunities they offer for women to increase their participation and influence in public life. She also speaks about her first impressions of the House of Lords .

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