The Lord Speaker

The Lord Speaker chairs daily business in the House of Lords chamber and is an ambassador for the work of the House. Baroness D'Souza is the second Lord Speaker elected by Lords members.

Lord Speaker news

What does the Lord Speaker do?

The Lord Speaker presides over work in the House of Lords chamber giving procedural advice and assistance.

About the Lord Speaker

Find out more about Baroness D'Souza and how she became the Lord Speaker.

Events and speeches

Sharing expertise and working to broaden understanding about the work and role of the Lords.

Lords outreach programme

The Lord Speaker has helped develop an active outreach programme designed to engage the public, especially young people, with the work of the Lords.

River Room

The Lord Speaker welcomes the use of the River Room for receptions on behalf of UK-registered charities or cross-party parliamentary events sponsored by members of the Lords

Contact the Lord Speaker

The Rt Hon the Baroness D'Souza CMG 
House of Lords

Phone: 020 7219 6444

Association of European Senates (AES-ASE)

The 15th Meeting of the Association of European Senates took place in the House of Lords on 14 June 2013.

Lord Speaker gift and official car registers

Registers are kept of gifts received by the Lord Speaker and of official car use.