Awards Day: An unforgettable experience at Parliament for winning School Councils

Nov 4th 2015

On Tuesday the 24th February we held our awards day for this year’s winning schools of the Speaker's School Council Awards. Young people from the North West of England to Wales met at...

Greg Sanderson from Smart Schools Council, Chloe, Natalia and Karen from Corelli College

Congratulations and a few words on the SSCA 2015 Judging Day

Mar 12th 2015

Hello School Councillors! This week your teacher will have received an email confirming the results of the 2015 Speaker's School Council Awards. If you are yet to hear the news, spoiler ...

Winner’s update – Corelli College’s Chloe on Mental Health Awareness

Mar 12th 2015

I’m Chloe, a student leader, former deputy leader of UK Youth Parliament and a school’s rep. I go to Corelli College and I help run the mental health awareness campaign, encouraging pupils and...

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Winner Update- 'Our Incredible Day at London' by Torpoint Nursery and Infant School

Mar 11th 2015

School councillors from year one and two classes at Torpoint Infant and Nursery School were determined to ban pollutants, which were harming sea birds on their favourite beaches. They took part in a...

Sweet Stuff: School Councils Combat Sugar at School

Dec 29th 2014 by Nadia Ashrafi

We need a variety and balance of food to stay healthy. But for many of us, it’s hard to say no to sugary treats.  Last year, the Speaker’s School Council Awards received many entries on the...

Winner update - West Lea School by Annie Waddington

Nov 7th 2014

In June 2014, five students from West Lea school won the 17-19 years category of the Speaker’s School Council Awards for their project ‘West Lea in the Green’ – a new charity shop in Edmonton, London...

Greg Sanderson, Smart School Councils Community

Oct 15th 2014

It’s great that school councils exist in almost every school in the UK. They’re a really good way for young people to learn how become active democratic citizens through making real changes to their...

Valerie Vaz MP, Judge on the 2014 Competition

Sep 9th 2014 by Valerie Vaz MP, Judge on the 2014 Competition

Many of the schools in my constituency of Walsall South have School Councils. They are an excellent way of ensuring that children and young people know how to present arguments and bring about change...

Jessica Toogood, True Tube, guest at the June 2014 awards ceremony

Sep 9th 2014 by Jessica Toogood

My birthday this year was certainly one to remember. I was walking to work in the middle of a roasting London, soaking up the sunshine we’ve all been waiting for, just as I had done for the past few...