Education and Adoption Bill: Lords report stage

17 December 2015

The Education and Adoption Bill continued report stage, a further chance to examine the bill and make changes, in the House of Lords on Wednesday 16 December.

Members of the Lords began by discussing the process for a school to become an academy, an amendment to allow the secretary of state discretion in the issuing of an academy order went to a vote with 219 for and 219 against, so the change was not made.

Lords then talked about a proposed change on the availability of sponsors for academies, this went to a vote with 73 for and 209 against, so it was not added to the bill.

The final vote in the chamber was on a proposed amendment to define the consultation process when a school is issued with an academy order, 191 voted for and 205 against, so the change was not made.

Third reading, a final chance to ‘tidy up’ the bill, is yet to be scheduled.

Report stage day one: Tuesday 1 December

Members of the Lords began by discussing the role of local authorities in education provision. They also asked about the future of voluntary adoption agencies, and how children in care with mental health issues can have access to the help they need.

A second day of report stage is scheduled for 16 December.

Committee stage day three: Tuesday 17 November

Committee stage day two: Tuesday 10 November

Committee stage day one: Thursday 5 November

Second reading: Tuesday 20 October

Members of the Lords, including former Education Secretaries and former teachers, debated the main principles and key purpose of the Education and Adoption Bill, in the House of Lords on Tuesday 20 October.

About the Education and Adoption Bill

The bill makes provision about schools in England that are causing concern, including provision about their conversion into Academies and about intervention powers. It also covers joint arrangements for carrying out local authority adoption functions in England.

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