The Campaign Trail game

The Campaign Trail game

The Campaign Trail is a fun activity for primary students that communicates serious concepts of active citizenship and campaigning.


Key Stages: Key stage 2 - age 7-11

Subjects: Citizenship, PSHE

Topics: Active citizenship & campaigning

Resource Types: Game

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The Campaign Trail challenges students to pick a cause that matters to them and convince virtual characters to support it.

Along the way they may meet members of pressure groups or the media who can help to publicise their campaign.

Learning outcomes

Students will learn about:

  • Active citizenship
  • Campaigning methods such as designing posters, distributing leaflets and making speeches
  • The influence of the media and pressure groups on campaigns
  • The importance of discussion, persuasion and respecting the views of others
  • The relevance to their lives of Parliament and its legislative role

Practical information

The Campaign Trail requires Flash Player 9 or above and Javascript to be enabled. Students can compete against each other using a high score table.


Curriculum links

Curriculum links

Full curriculum links for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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