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As part of Black History Month, Parliament has launched a new range of resources for schools to explore diversity and the changing nature of representation in the UK. This series of videos with supporting teachers' packs allows students to find out about Parliamentarians' experience of changing diversity and to consider what diversity means to them.

This is the first time we have developed resources for Black History Month. If you would like to share any feedback on these resources, please email 

Time required: up to 4 minutes (with lesson plans: time variable)

Learning outcomes

Students will learn about:

  • Historical events linked to Parliament and the development of democracy in the United Kingdom
  • Diverse national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom and the need for mutual respect and understanding

Using the lesson plan on role models for KS2 (7-11 years), students will:

  • Understand the concept of role models
  • Explore the different qualities that make a good role model
  • Look at diversity among our choices of role model
  • Find out about some inspirational figures from black and ethnic minority communities
  • Explore the process of debate and compromise in group decision-making

If using this as part of Black History Month:

  • Know that October marks Black History Month
  • Gain an understanding of why Black History Month is celebrated

Using the assembly plan for KS3 - 4 (11-16 years), students will learn:

  • Know that October marks Black History Month
  • Gain an understanding of why Black History Month is celebrated
  • Find out about Parliament’s role in legislating on issues such as race relations

Using the prompt pack of activities for KS2-5 (7- 18 years), students will learn:

  • To be able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas
  • Develop their abilities of speaking and listening, making formal presentations, demonstrating to others and participating in debate

Practical information

The teachers’ activity pack includes some suggested activities for each video. You may want to use these as part of a lesson, an extension activity, or as assembly. These questions have been designed for a variety of ages from key stages 2-5. Please select the topics and questions you feel are most appropriate for your group. 

They can be used separately or together in two easy steps:

  1. Show a video as part of a school or class assembly
  2. Choose questions from the pack to discuss in small groups or as a class 

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