Arrange a tour through your MP


Members' tours are only available to UK residents. These are free of charge and must be sponsored by a Member of Parliament (MP) or a Member of the House of Lords.

What does the tour cover?

A trained guide accompanies you on this tour through the House of Lords, the House of Commons and Westminster Hall.

Tours are subject to variation or cancellation due to Parliamentary business.

Times and availability

Tours are generally fully booked 6 months in advance. Demand is high so early booking and flexibility regarding dates and times is strongly recommended.

Tours last approximately 75 minutes and start between the following times:

During Parliamentary Sessions 

  • Monday: 9.00am-12noon (full tour)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 9.00am-9.55am (full tour)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 10.00am-12noon (partial tour; House of Lords only)
  • Thursday: no tours
  • Sitting Fridays: 3.30pm-5.15pm (full tour)
  • Non-Sitting Fridays: 9.30am-5.15pm (full tour)

Please note that when Parliament is sitting, the full tour route may not always be available or may be subject to last minute change.

During Recesses

  • Summer Recess: Monday morning 9.30am-12.30pm (except Bank Holidays)
  • Short November Recess: 9.30am-5.15pm
  • All other recesses: Monday 9.30am-5.15pm (except Bank Holidays when an alternative day will be made available)

Tours are not available on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.


UK residents should contact their local MP or a Member of the House of Lords whom they know to arrange a tour. There is no charge for tours booked in this way.

Other tours available to UK and overseas visitors

UK residents and overseas visitors can book tickets for a number of other tours at the Houses of Parliament which take place on Saturdays throughout the year and on weekdays during Parliamentary recesses.

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone or on the day from the Ticket Office.

Find Your MP

The Palace of Westminster guide book

This beautifully illustrated guide book is a highly readable account of one of the world’s most famous buildings and home to the UK Parliament.

Fast details

Members' tours:

  • Are open to UK permanent residents only
  • Must be arranged through your local MP or a Member of the House of Lords
  • Are free of charge
  • Tours have limited capacity until end of March 2016
  • Tours for April  and May 2016 are available for booking
  • Bookings for June 2016 will open on 4 January 2016