Resources for adults with learning disabilities

Parliament’s Adults with Learning Disabilities (ALD) Programme aims to empower and enable adults with learning disabilities to make civic engagement choices throughout their lives.

The programme includes a specialist ALD learning resource pack alongside train-the-trainer workshops to offer full support to those planning to run sessions with their groups.

In addition, all Parliament’s learning workshops can be tailored for delivery to adults with learning disabilities. Find out more about our full range of workshops or get in touch to discuss your requirements using our contact details below.

Specialist ALD learning resource

This DVD based resource encourages participants to think and talk about who runs the country and the laws they would make.

It is designed to engage and inspire the audience with bite-sized three minute scenes followed by picture card exercises. Activities are designed to get people talking about the issues raised and can be tailored to different groups.
Find out more with our short film:

Your ALD resource pack will include:

  • a DVD with accompanying laminated picture cards,
  • a training booklet, and
  • a learner booklet for participants to take home.

The DVD features actors with recognisable learning disabilities to help put participants at sessions at ease, and the language used throughout the DVD and booklets is concise and easy to understand.

Training for ALD workshop facilitators

A half-day session is offered as part of the two day Training the Trainer programme delivered nationally by Parliament. This session provides coaching and support for organisations working with adults with learning disabilities.

As part of the session, trainers are shown how to use our specialist ALD resource with their groups.

Contact and further information

To order an ALD resource, enquire about training or for further information on the programme, please contact:

Sharon Stanley
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 2TT
Telephone: 07917 488842

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Who have we worked with?

Parliament's Outreach Service has worked the following organisations in the delivery of sessions for adults with learning disabilities:

Love Your Vote Campaign

UK wide sessions for both ALDs and their carers are also being planned with Dimensions UK to coincide with their Love Your Vote campaign.

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