Committee inquiries: Open calls for evidence

The following is a list of all committee inquiries where the initial call for evidence is still open. Further information can be found by following the links to the relevant inquiry pages.

Some select and joint committees (but not public bill committees) continue to accept written evidence after the initial call for evidence deadline has passed. Please refer to the relevant inquiry pages or contact committee staff for details of specific inquiries.







There are no Bills currently accepting evidence.

Please note that when Public Bill Committees report they are no longer able to receive written evidence and they can report earlier than their expected deadline.


Further information

For more information about the work of committees, please visit the About Parliament section of this website.

For further details regarding a Select or Joint Committee inquiry please contact the relevant committee. Contact details can be found on the committee's main page.

For further details regarding a Public Bill Committee please contact the Scrutiny Unit.

How do House of Lords Select Committees work?

Watch an overview of the work of Lords Select Committees, the influence they have and the impact of their reports and recommendations.

Committee Bulletin

House of Lords Committee Bulletin

The House of Lords Committee Office publishes a daily bulletin detailing current inquiries, upcoming meetings, published reports and contact information.