Menus and additional services


We have the skills and the facilities to host memorable events. Using our talented people, our equipment and our in-house service partners we can offer a range of additional services to enhance your event whether it be a lunch, a reception or a seminar.

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Menus and wine list


A selection of food offerings with menus and listed wines for events at the House of Commons.

Flower displays


Enthuse your event with colour and imagination with our in-house florist.

Audiovisual provision


Audiovisual services available for events at the House of Commons.

Printing services


Printing services available for events at the House of Commons.

Guided tours

Information on guided tours of the historic Palace of Westminster, in conjunction with an event


Browse through an exclusive range of high quality gifts suitable for all occasions and events.

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Venue availability

Venues are available for hire by companies, charities and organisations registered in the United Kingdom when the House is not in session. View Recess dates to check date availability.