Northern Ireland

Constitution Reform Group gives evidence on the Union and devolution

Constitution Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 13 January at 10.15am

Secretary of State questioned on outcome of spending review

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee hears evidence from Secretary of State

Campaign groups give evidence on the Union and devolution inquiry

Constitution Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 25 November at 10.30am

Chairman visits Belfast to discuss vision for EU reform

EU Committee Chairman meets Northern Ireland Assembly Committee

Statement on Northern Ireland political agreement: 19 November 2015

Northern Ireland Secretary to make statement in Commons

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Title Date
Committee examines the international perspective of the Union and devolution 10.11.2015
Promoting the tourism industry in Northern Ireland through the tax system 09.11.2015
UK victims of IRA attacks using Gaddafi-supplied weapons 28.10.2015
This week in the Commons: 19 to 23 October 2015 23.10.2015
Statement on paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland: 20 October 2015 20.10.2015
Leading constitutional academics give evidence on devolution and the Union 14.10.2015